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The Štok farm is located in Mareziga, which is only 8 km from Koper. To get to Marezige, in the direction of Koper-Pula, at the roundabout near Mercator, take the third exit for Marezige.
Then we drive straight along the main road past Kampel, past the wide Vanganel valley and Babičev.  Soon after that we come across the Mareziga board. Štok farm is located on the right side of the main road and is 200 meters from the center of the village.

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Elio Lakošeljac
Štok tourist farm
Marezige 20
6273 Marezige

Tax number: SI 49424807

Tel.: +386 (0) 5 655 0 131
Mobile: +386 (0) 40 235 366
GSM.: +386 (0) 31 271 258
GSM.: +386 (0) 31 340 841

facebook: Štok tourist farm

GPS coordinates: 45°30'20.4"N 13°47'43.2"E

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