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The tradition of osmica dates back to 1740. During osmica, which happened once a year and lasted for eight days, farmers could sell their surplus of home-grown products. The tradition is still preserved today. That is why you will see symbolic bunches of ivy along the roads during Easter, inviting you to a glass of local wine.

Our farm has also diligently followed this tradition for many years. We opened the doors of our restaurant for the first time in 1993. We are very proud and happy that every year locals, guests from all over Slovenia come to visit us, as well as tourists and all those who enjoy home-made food and a good drop of wine.


We open the doors of our eight every year during Martin's holiday, and it lasts a whole 10 days!

At eight we offer: 
Cold dishes: homemade cold cuts (prosciutto, pancetta cheese, dry sausages, olives, pickled aubergines, cod, homemade bread from the bread oven)

Warm dishes: grilled ombolo (boneless pork loin), roasts, stewed cabbage, potatoes, baked prosciutto in olive oil and wine, berries (corn stew).

Desserts: potica, khroštoli, prijatli, apple roll

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