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"There are many beautiful lands, but not all are happy. A thanks to the wine-growing lands,
Slovenia is beautiful and happy." 
Tone Pavček, Martina Baškovič 

On the farm, we grow 8,000 autochthonous refoska, malvasia and muscat canes. All wines are produced according to the classic method in a stone cellar, which is built underground. Thus, every year we produce top-quality wines that are better and more recognizable year after year.

At the farm, we offer tours of the cellar and guided wine tastings, which can be adapted to smaller or larger groups.
We also offer room rental for business events, presentations and other meetings with access to a wireless Internet connection (wi-fi).
We have a choice of two guided tastings, but we can also adapt the entire tasting to your wishes.

Guided tasting 1:

  • 3 wine samples (Malvasia, Refoška, sweet Muscat)

  • tour of the cellar

  • snack (cheese, olives, homemade bread)

  • price: €4.90

Guided tasting 2:

  • 3 wine samples (malvasia, refošk, sweet muscat)

  • tour of the cellar

  • mixed cold cuts (prosciutto, cheese, pancetta, dry sausages, homemade bread)

  • price: €12.40

Guided tasting 3:

  • 4 samples of wine (malvasia, refošk, sweet muscat, barrique of choice.

  • tour of the cellar

  • mixed cold cuts (prosciutto, cheese, pancetta, dry sausages, homemade bread)

  • price: €15.60

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produced according to the classic method. Due to its unique color, it can be called a black wine, as it is adorned with a distinct dark red, almost dark purple color. Its taste is reminiscent of fruity elements such as raspberries, currants and blueberries, and with its fullness and harmony it leaves a rich, full taste in our mouths.  Refoška goes especially well with rich dishes such as prosciutto, sausages, steak... 
Recommended  temperature: 14-16 °C

it was produced according to the classical method. It is a white variety that shows more and more its advantages and qualities. Due to the vineyards facing the sea, our malvasia achieves a special yellowish-green to golden-yellow color and a characteristic flower and aroma that show the typical Mediterranean elements of our environment. The smell is reminiscent of peaches, apricots or tropical fruits. Malvasia goes well with poultry, fish and other seafood.
Recommended temperature:  10-12 °C

Sweet muscat
the white variety is produced  by the classic method. It is mainly expressed in its fruity aroma and exceptional freshness, which impresses even the most demanding guests. All this combines a suitably sweet taste, which goes extremely well with desserts.
Recommended temperature:  9-11 °C

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